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Steal Our Student's Weird Strategy That Got Him Over

24.327€ in just a few months by

Exploiting Market Manipulations

(With a FREE mini-course + bonus e-book)

Take the 3-step course and get on the RIGHT side of the market

How to avoid becoming liquidity + the sneaky way to enter at their stop loss

Put it all together and create a consistently profitable trading strategy


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After ALL of your efforts, are you still not consistently profitable?

Do you feel stuck, ready to give up on trading?

Have you tried all of the "clickbait" Youtube strategies?

Have you maybe even bought a course in the past without success?

Are you losing hope, and starting to think Forex is a scam?

In other words...

Have You Tried It ALL Already?

If so, then this mini-course is the thing you've been searching for. And I don't say this lightly, I have stacked it full value just to prove to you that it is possible to become profitable.

You aren't the problem. The problem is how you gain the knowledge. Moving through the maze of infinite unreliable information - no wonder you get lost.

I don't blame you, I've been in the same situation, and let me tell you, knowing what I know now it doesn't have to be this complicated.

Free Forex Mini-Course

Road to your first profitable trading strategy!


1. Orderblocks + IMB


Orderblocks - Identifying the proper entry technique with a very low DD rate. Learn where institutions leave the footprint in the price and use it to your advantage.

IMB: Imabalnce or inefficiency in the price. Discover where is the imbalance and where the price will most likely go for re-pricing before the continuation with the current daily order flow bias.

2. Inducement 

Are you tired of SMC Trap? Inducement is something most SMC ( Smart money concept ) traders skip or don’t know.

Learn how to avoid being as liquidity in the market, but rather have the entry where their stop losses are.

3. The difference between BOS and LQ grab ( With E-book )

There's a well-known sentence: If you don't understand liquidity, most probably you are the liquidity. 


Discover the basics of the liquidity concept and break of structure that is seen daily on the markets, which will help you identify the areas of LQ and use them to your trading advantage.

Why are we giving this away for free?

To Show You It's Possible!

It's painful to watch traders give up on their dreams when most of them are so close to success.


It IS possible to become profitable, it IS possible to live from trading, and it IS possible to travel the world while you do it.

While we do offer other more advanced paid products,

This mini-course is all you need to taste your first consistent profits.

The Student Who Made 24.327€ Using This Strategy, Within A Month

Meet Anže, the student we will be stealing this valuable strategy from.

He was already studying the markets before the course, trying to find an edge, but with no luck.

0€ profit made.

Wanna guess what happened a few months after he discovered this mini-course?

I'll show you...


Everything just "clicked" for him, all the previous knowledge just fell into place, and we provided him with the missing ingredient he needed.

This is your chance to taste profitability for the first time, at no cost.

If I told you a few months from now you could earn 24k+, and from then on the profits would only increase...

What would that be worth to you?

We aren't gonna charge you nearly as much as 24k.

This could free you from your job, your financial burdens, and time restrictions.

Just imagine the free time you would have, taking a breath of fresh air without a stressful boss, and the looks on the faces of everyone who doubted you.

When I put it like that, you would instantly give at least 1000€ to make it a reality, wouldn't you?

But we aren't charging you 1000€ either.

If you sign up today all you have to give us is your email for the whole mini-course and the e-book.

Let me repeat myself, all you have to give up to potentially become profitable is your email address.

Now does that sound like a deal to you? If so click the link below to reserve your spot.

Join Anže and others already getting the results


This is your chance to finally make a change in your life and start living out your dream. When is the next time you are gonna have a proven strategy, taught by a professional trader handed out to you for FREE?

Take the chance and don't let this opportunity slip away.

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