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Trade Like A Professional Today!

Skip YEARS of trial and error and get proven world-class results immediately!

2 - 5 Signals / Week With A+ Set-Ups Only (Quality > Quantity) 

5% - 11% Monthly ROI / Avg.

Limit Orders Only (Beginner Friendly)

Access To Accounts From 10k Up To 200k

(Prop Firm Friendly)

Watch To Learn How To Make Thousands Each Month Passively Using Signals (2 Methods)

(Get an exclusive discount by watching the full video)


You can make passive income with SFX signals if...

  • You are new to Forex and have ZERO previous experience ✔️

  • You are learning to trade by yourself and want results while you do it ✔️

  • You are already profitable and want better results ✔️

  • You want to learn from professional trades and community ✔️

Are SFX Signals Legit?

99% of signal providers are scammers, trying to profit from your subscription while providing you with no profits,

So you are justifiably skeptical.

The difference between 99% of scams and the 1% that are profitable is the scammers will only show good handpicked trades and hide the rest.

With SFX Signals, transparency is our priority,


And as proof that SFX Signals actually produces results, we openly showcase the track record of our signals account for the past 4 months.



Let me introduce you to Nejc...

Nejc was a struggling trader barely making any money, still working a 9-5


He had been following our signals for just 2 months and with them he got a funded account of 50k and a first payout of $1700!


Can you imagine if you could make more from trading than your job just less than two months from now??


But here's the catch...

Nejc had almost no money to trade with when he joined our signals,

Which means he had to spend 2 months getting the 50k account before he got paid.

Now imagine if he would have had the money to begin with,

He would be making life-changing amounts of profits within the first MONTH.

All the while not having to know ANYTHING about trading himself.

Do You Want Similar Results To Nejc Or Even Better?

If you already have the money you could get the results even faster, or if you claim bigger accounts such as $200k+ you could get much bigger payouts.


SFX Signals are operated in a Telegram group where you:

  1. Sign up

  2. Set up trading account

  3. Wait for the signal 

  4. Make money

To Make It Even More Simple We Give You:

A set time of trading: London - New York session, which means all signals come from 7 AM to 5 PM GMT.​

Limit order signals only, so you have time to copy the trade, with the exact position information

Analysis ahead of time so you're well prepared to enter the trade

Live updates on every signal so you always know exactly what going on

Analysis of the trade after it has been closed


This is how the signal looks

Live updates on every signal


"When I stumbled upon sfx signals what immedietlly really stood out to me was the honesty and transparency. Unlike other services making wild promises, they practice what they preach. It's refreshing to find a service that doesn't overhype and actually delivers realistic results. I've found a sense of security knowing what to expect, and it's made a notable difference in my trading journey, and also in my account balance ;)"


"The experience with SFX signal service has been phenomenal! Following their guidance not only led me to a $1,200 profit last month but also provided invaluable insights into the market. I was sceptical of taking the first step but Im so glad I did, they delivered on all od their promises! Their signals are crystal clear. This service has not just earned me profits but also improved my understanding of trading."


"Hey! I remember you asked for feedback about your signals. Just wanted to say, I really like that you dont "over hype" things and actually delivers the results. Unlike other services, your realistic approach gives me confidence in the trades. Appreciate your honesty in an industry full of big promises. Keep it going!"


"These signals are a game-changer. Clear instructions and reliable signals helped me grow my account by 9% last month. The best thing is the preperation. I always have enough time to copy the trades and I have never missed one. Simple, effective, and worth every penny!"


"Hey, thanks for reaching out! Your signals have been a blessing. As someone who wasn't sure where to start, your step-by-step guidance has been a game-changer. Seriously, from setting up accounts to trading, your instructions have made it so easy for someone like me, new to this. It feels like having a mentor by my side. Cheers!"


"I was new to Forex and hesitant to dive in, but these signals made it surprisingly simple. From the setup to following the trades, everything was incredibly clear. Even though I never trader Forex before, I found it easy to understand and execute. It's amazing stuff like this is possible, I mean Im making money already and I just started learning how to trade. Hope one day I coulde get results like these with my own trading, I really got a taste of whats it like to be a professional trader"


"Hey! Your Forex signals have been fantastic! Following your guidance, I not only made a profit of nearly $900 my first month using MY OWN MONEY, but also gained invaluable insights into the market. Your promised and you delivered! Super clear signals! I now laugh at all the gurus promising 20% each month. Thanks again for the profits and the experience!"


"SFX signals have been a groundbreaker for me. The regular market updates and analysis provided gives me time for preparation, ensuring I never felt rushed into trades. What's impressive is how these signals align with Prop firm requirements, as Im in the proccess of getting a $75k account! Witnessing real success stories from individuals who've seen significant returns in a matter of months has been inspiring. At $99 per month, it's been a worthwhile investment in my trading journey."


"Kudos to Sebs signals! His signals helped me secure $800 in profit last month with me bearly having to lift a finger. Reliable guidance, consistent gains—highly recommended!"


I was supper sceptical to beggin with but I said srew it and tried it anyway. To say I was shocked with my jaw on the floor after the first month would be an understatement. I traded with my own money having around $11k and I profited just about $800 in my first month. The hype died down on the second month as I lost a little bit of my account but got it righ back in the third month. So happy I stayed. I would definetlly recommend Sebs signals, and just remmember, negative months are normal in trading!


"The SFX signals are actually an amazing service! The reliability of their signals and the insightful market analysis they provide have really made a difference in my trading. It crazy how its even possible to make money this easily while barely doing anything. Great service overall!"


"I've been using sfx signals for a few months now, and I must say, the clarity in their signals is perfect. It was unfortunate that the first month that I joined I lost money, but thats trading for you. Im so glad that I stayed another month and now I got well above my moneys worth. Highly recommended!"




We don't lie and claim a 20%+ monthly profit with 100+ trades. Instead, we give you a reliable 8% - 12% monthly gain through 6 - 10 quality trades.

Market Analysis

We give you constant market analysis before, during, and after each trade, which ensures your readiness for every signal and clarity throughout the process, eliminating confusion.

Easy To Follow

SFX Signals are beginner-friendly. You can follow them even if you never traded Forex before. All of the basics like setting up your account are displayed on the first page and then you're all set. It really is that simple!

Prop Firm Friendly

Most of our clients use SFX Signals to get funded accounts giving them immediate access to 10k up to 200k to trade with, which means drastically bigger profits immediately.

Price Intro


If you have the capital this could replace your 9-5 job within the next MONTH,

and if you don't you can get a funded account of up to 200k and escape the rat race within the next 2 months!

How much would it be worth to you to have the freedom to do anything while passively making more money than most people make with a job?

The reality is that if you are prepared to "risk" it and try our signals it's pretty much a money machine.

What do I mean by that?

You get free money and you only pay us a small portion of your free profits.

To put it like this, if you get the absolute smallest funded account of 10k and make the average 8% - 12% per month that equates to $800 to $1,200 without you having to lift a finger.

So even if we took half of that you would still gladly take the free $600 a month wouldn't you?

Sure you would, you would be crazy not to.

But we won't take half...

Now imagine if instead of the 10k you perhaps get the 25k or the 50k account which are the most commonly picked by our clients.

That's $6,000 on a good month.


You could comfortably live off that even if we took 1/4.

But we won't ask you even for that much.

After some time of getting profits passively and becoming comfortable, you could try and get the 200k account.

That means you could make $24,000+ on a good month passively.

Imagine sitting on a beach, spending time with family, traveling the world, all while $16k+ shows up on your bank account every month.

How much would you pay for that type of life?

The reality is we won't ask for a fortune.

In fact, we made SFX Signals affordable so anyone willing to take the initial "risk" can live out their dream life.

You Can Get All Of The Benefits Of SFX Signals For Just...

✔️99€ / MONTH✔️

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