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SFX Mirror Trading

Make passive profits your FIRST month or you get 100% of your money back!


If you want to make an extra of 8% - 12% a month!

Passive Profits

Consistent And Reliable

100% Money Back Guarantee


!Spots filling up quickly!

/ 100


Heres what 119€ got our members within one month:

Track Recod Of The Past 6 Months:


Trade A Profitable Strategy Passevly

Forget manual copy trading and discover the new automatic version for better results with less effort!

2 - 5 Trades / Week With A+ Set-Ups Only (Quality > Quantity) 

7% - 11% Monthly ROI / Avg.

Automatic "Hands Off" Trading

100% Refund If You Don't Make Money Your First Month


Henrik Andersen, CP

“Mirror trading changed the game for me. I have been trading myself for 2 years but havent gotten to the consistent profits yet so I always tried to use signals while I learn, but I always got minimal profits as I didnt always have time to copy every trade. With mirror trading I dont have to do a thing and can focus on learning. Perfect!"
Price Intro

Watch To Learn How To Make Thousands Each Month Passively Even If You Don't Have Big Capital

(Note: Price and discount mentioned in the video are no longer valid)

You Can Get All Of The Benefits Of SFX Signals For Just...

✔️119€ / MONTH✔️


Note that you will have to buy the VPS server subscription as well so that the trades will be taken automatically on your account.

The fees are 14€ for the first month and from then on it's 10€/month.


The 119€ you pay for the signals will be refunded to you immediately if you don't make money your first month, so you can try it out completely risk-free!

1. Join SFX Signals

2. Set Up Account (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

3. Passive Profits

!Spots filling up quickly!

/ 100


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