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Road to Your First Profitable Trading Strategy

Video #1 - Order Block / Imbalance

Orderblocks - Identifying the proper entry technique with a very low DD rate. Learn where institutions leave the footprint in the price and use it to your advantage.

IMB: Imabalnce or inefficiency in the price. Discover where is the imbalance and where the price will most likely go for re-pricing before the continuation with the current daily order flow bias.

Video #2 - Inducement 

Are you tired of SMC Trap? Inducement is something most SMC ( Smart money concept ) traders skip or doesn’t know.


Learn how to avoid being as liquidity in the market, but rather have the entry where their stop losses are.

Video #3 - The Difference between BOS and LQ Grab

There's a well-known sentence: 

If you don't understand liquidity, most probably you are the liquidity. 

Discover the basics of the liquidity concept and break of structure that is seen daily on the markets, which will help you identify the areas of LQ and use them to your trading advantage.

BONUS: eBook - The difference between BOS and LQ Grab examples and explanations

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If you feel like this mini-course wasn't enough for you or can't seem to put it into practice, then the fastest way to make day trading your full-time job is to let me guide you step by step through the whole process.

Don't Take Our Word On How Powerful Our SFX Day Trading Program Is...

Here Are Some Of The Results Our Students Get Within The First Few MONTHS:

Still in doubt that you can achieve the same results for yourself?

Here Is What Some Of These Students Have To Say:

Posnetek zaslona 2023-11-13 144235.png
Posnetek zaslona 2023-11-13 144256.png
Posnetek zaslona 2023-11-13 144314.png
Posnetek zaslona 2023-11-13 150418.png

All of these traders were just like you - lost, confused, and most importantly unprofitable. Some of them have been struggling on their own for 3+ years and lost TONS of money, but became profitable after just a few months in the course.

The difference between people who make trading their full-time job from those who don't is they invest money into proper reliable knowledge and guidance.

You either choose to do it on your own wasting YEARS and losing more money, or you put your ego to the side and pay for guidance to get results FASTER, ironically CHEAPER, and most importantly almost GUARANTEED (if you just don't give up).

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