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SFX Mirror Trading

Make passive profits your FIRST month or you get 100% of your money back!


If you are want to make an extra of 8% - 12% a month!


Mirror Trading:
Trade A Profitable Strategy Passevly

Forget manual copy trading and discover the new automatic version for better results with less effort!

2 - 5 Trades / Week With A+ Set-Ups Only (Quality > Quantity) 

7% - 11% Monthly ROI / Avg.

Automatic "Hands Off" Trading

100% Refund If You Don't Make Money Your First Month

What Is Mirror Trading?

It's a new revolutionary way of following signals, that fixes all of the previous flaws of the typical copy-trading.

There are 3 types of signals: Trading bots, the typical copy signals, and, the new revolutionary way of following signals called Mirror Trading.

Mirror trading combines all the benefits from both the other two methods which makes it a superior option.

How Does Mirror Trading Work?

You can start trading with Mirror today in 3 quick steps, even if you have never traded before.

After the 3 initial steps you are done and are ready to enjoy the profits passively:

1. Join SFX Signals

2. Set Up Account (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

3. Passive Profits

What People Say:


Henrik Andersen, CP

“Mirror trading changed the game for me. I have been trading myself for 2 years but havent gotten to the consistent profits yet so I always tried to use signals while I learn, but I always got minimal profits as I didnt always have time to copy every trade. With mirror trading I dont have to do a thing and can focus on learning. Perfect!"

How Can You Be Sure It Works?

Even though this is a "new" system it has been proven to work before. 

I have been using it since 2018 to get jaw dropping result for our members before COVID shut it down.

And we even tested it once again with our members a few weeks before the release to the public, so you can rest assured that this system does work.

"It Just Seems Too Good To Be True"

This is by far the most common objection we get and it's completely understandable. 


Mirror trading is simply that good.

But it's, not some "new get" rich scheme.

Mirror simply combines two essential thing you need to make money trading:

a) A profitable trader and, 

b) A system that efficiently converts/copies those trades to the accounts of others.

Mirror trading really isn't anything other than a new and improved version of that system.

But don't worry we won't just expect you to trust us blindly.

We offer you a guarantee...

Click to see how it works!

You read that right!

We are so confident in this system that if you don't make money your first month you will automatically get refunded 100% of your money, no question asked.

This really makes it a risk-free decision to try out the product.

Passive Profits

Consistent And Reliable

100% Money Back Guarantee


Are SFX Signals Legit?

So I've shown you that the system is legit, but am I the trader?

99% of signal providers are scammers, trying to profit from your subscription while providing you with no profits,

So you are justifiably skeptical.

With SFX Signals, transparency is our priority,


And as proof that SFX Signals actually produces results, we openly showcase the track record of our signals account for the past 6 months.



Let me introduce you to Nejc...

Nejc was a struggling trader barely making any money, still working a 9-5


He had been following our signals for just 2 months and with them he got a funded account of 50k and a first payout of $1700!


Can you imagine if you could make more from trading than your job just less than two months from now??


But here's the catch...

Nejc had almost no money to trade with when he joined our signals,

Which means he had to spend 2 months getting the 50k account before he got paid.

Now imagine if he would have had the money to begin with,

He would be making life-changing amounts of profits within the first MONTH.

All the while not having to know ANYTHING about trading himself.

Do You Want Similar Results To Nejc Or Even Better?

If you already have the money you could get the results even faster, or if you claim bigger accounts such as $200k+ you could get much bigger payouts.

Price Intro


If you have the capital this could replace your 9-5 job within the next MONTH,

and if you don't you can get a funded account of up to 200k and escape the rat race within the next 2 months!

How much would it be worth to you to have the freedom to do anything while passively making more money than most people make with a job?

The reality is that if you are prepared to "risk" it and try our signals it's pretty much an automatic money machine.

What do I mean by that?

You get free money and you only pay us a small portion of your free profits.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how you can use our signals to make anywhere from $500 up to $30k+ depending on the capital your trading with.

Watch To Learn How To Make Thousands Each Month Passively Using Signals (2 Methods)

(Note: Price and discount mentioned in the video are no longer valid)

You Can Get All Of The Benefits Of SFX Signals For Just...

✔️119€ / MONTH✔️


Note that you will have to buy the VPS server subscription as well so that the trades will be taken automatically on your account.

The fees are 14€ for the first month and from then on it's 10€/month.


The 119€ you pay for the signals will be refunded to you immediately if you don't make money your first month, so you can try them out completely risk-free!

Results Of Our Members

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